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The menu on the left will take you to different modules to help you with different tasks on a variety of platforms. Hovering your mouse over each of the icons will present you with a grouping of tools you can use to interactively create commands, learn about certain topics, make a donation or change the settings such as the theme.

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Ever-expanding knowledge base on networking and security

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Version 2.0 in development
You're looking at it right now! If you've been here before, some of this will seem familiar to you however there are new items to explore and, for the first time ever, different themes which can be selected from the settings menu. Don't forget to reach out over social media and let me know what you think of the new version as it comes along!

capture interface[ help ]

  Error: Interface not specified

  PCap and Display OptionsClick to Show/Hide  

name service resolution[ help ]

link level headers (MAC addresses)[ help ]

quick display[ help ]

verbosity level[ help ]

time display options[ help ]

set snaplength[ help ]

  Default snaplength set

set count[ help ]

  No capture limit set.

bgp display[ help ]

checksum verification[ help ]

domain name printing[ help ]

  Output and File OptionsClick to Show/Hide  

output location[ help ]

Display to Screen               Save to File

save output to file[ help ]

  Error: No output file has been specified!

split output by file size[ help ]

  File will not be split

split output by time[ help ]

  File will not be split

limit number of output files[ help ]

  File count will not be limited

  Information Only OptionsClick to Show/Hide  

list capture interfaces[ help ]

list timestamp types[ help ]

filter[ help ]

     Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) Only   
     Layer-2 Ethernet Address   
     VLAN ID   
     PPPoE Discovery Only   
     PPPoE Session Only   
     MPLS Only   

     IPv4/IPv6/Domain Host (source or destination)   
     IPv4/IPv6/Domain Network (source or destination)   
     IPv4/IPv6/Domain Host (source only)   
     IPv4/IPv6/Domain Network (source only)   
     IPv4/IPv6/Domain Host (destination only)   
     IPv4/IPv6/Domain Network (destination only)   
     Layer-3 Protocol   
     IPv4 Only   
     IPv6 Only   
     ICMP only   
     ICMPv6 Only   

     Layer-4 TCP/UDP Port(s)   
     TCP Only (includes tcpflags)   
     UDP Only   

     \( <-- Logic Gate Open   
     \) <-- Logic Gate Close   
     Create your own filter   

Add filter above   Delete this filter   Add filter below

This is the diagnose sniffer page.
This is the fw monitor landing page.
This is the cppcap page.
This is the asacap page.
This is the Fortigate flow debug page.
This is the Checkpoint kernel debug page.
This is the ASA Packet Tracer page.